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       在这一战略思想指引下,近几年来我公司已实现了高科技人员占公司总人数30%的份额。 对于现有人才,烟汽模人遵循实现自己的最大理想与发扬光大烟汽模相结合的原则,使每个人都认识到烟汽模的发展就是自己的伟大理想,而反馈给人才的是合理的精神面貌和烟汽模的经济效益,提供给每个有志者发展的空间、环境和条件,在此方针的指导下烟汽模人的精神面貌和经济效益得到了日新月异的提高。

       " draw on the talented person and keep the talented person;Train talented person, just use the good man;The talented person is a wealth whose company is most precious, we would like to, we too can for private who have the vast satge that ambition offering emerges ego" is ours use the person's way, is also the way of ours development.Target that we struggle is:" walking the race industry turns the road, creates in molding tool profession Chinese famous brand".
       Thought the guide line in this strategy next, in the last few years my company has realizes the high-tech personnel occupies total number in company 30% quota. Knowing current talented person, our person follow realizes own biggest ideal with promote principle that we combine together, make everybody very much our development be space, environment that own great ideal that leading, but the feedback is a reasonable spirit feature to talented person with our economic performance, providing to each where there is a will development with term, here the way descend our spirit feature with the exaltation that economic performance got the continuous changes and improvements.
       The western region big development, our country joins WTO as the smoke vapor mold provided the new development chance, we want to be under the local market in consolidation 。we welcome elitist with have the ambition to become number of our business, we will give in many ways in salary treatment, work environment...etc. the policy tilt to one side.
       We hope the row or column that more talented persons join our business, for realizes to develop the Chinese molding tool business but joint endeavor.

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